“Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire
for that work has been put in every heart.”


I can't even begin to thank you for making the three days of event spaces so beyond my wildest dreams. The Welcome party (my favorite) was sooo charming and magical and the rehearsal dinner was insanely gorgeous and breathtaking and the wedding - the flowers, the church door, the bouquets, the reception table!! the pool room it was all perfect!!! You are so talented and have the most special gift and I am so honored you could be a part of my day and it was such a pleasure working with you and I truly can not thank you enough.

My only regret is that I didn't get to come toast you during the wedding! I kept trying to make my way over to you and seems I always got stopped - But I hope you had so much fun and were so pleased with your beautiful work :)”

XOXO Elizabeth - 6/8 October 2016 – Il Borro, Tuscany
Photographer Magnus Bogucki

“Mia cara, che dire ancora che non ti ho detto?!?...sei stata il supporto, la testa e la mano che speravo di trovare sin dall'inizio per realizzare il mio sogno. La perfezione dicono non esista, ma per me ieri era tutto perfetto e so che il tuo tocco e la tua attenzione erano ovunque! Grazie Noosheen per la tua professionalità e gentilezza, comprensione e tranquillità che mi ha permesso di fidarmi da subito!

Inutile dire che tutti e dico tutti mi hanno chiesto chi seguiva gli allestimenti, perché io sono stata brava a scegliere te e tu a fare tutto quello che gli altri non fanno...UNICITÀ!.. Ieri è finito il rapporto professionale..da oggi spero possa nascere un'amicizia! Io proverò a romperti ogni tanto e a venirmi a prendere un caffè in quel mondo incantato che comincia da quando apri la porta di casa tua...”

Chiara & Raniero - 11 giugno 2016, Roma
Fotografo - Studio Fotografico Santoni

Hi Noosheen,
I hope you have been doing well the last couple months. I just wanted to say thank you so much for doing such an incredible job on our wedding. Since our wedding, so many people have told me that they thought the flowers during all three days were simply breathtaking. Whenever I talk to Steven's grandma, she says she has never seen anything like the flowers before and she doesn't think she will ever again.
I heard from a friend who was there that he was talking to my dad after the wedding dinner, he was standing off to the side staring at the tables and he said: "When it is all said and done, I will remember the flowers." I have such a vivid memory of staring into an open peony during the rehearsal dinner and thinking I just can't believe how amazing this all is. On the wedding night, Steven couldn't stop touching the flower in front of him because it was so soft and beautiful.
Your flowers and all of your hard work truly made our wedding magical. We will never forget you, your team and how beautiful it all was.

Meghan & Steven 4 July 2013 - Il Borro
Photographer - Magnus Bogucki
Hello Noosheen,

Hope you are doing well! Kevin and I wanted to thank you again for the fantastic job you did with the Sofreh Aghd décor, it was breathtaking and perfect! You really made the Persian ceremony stand out for us and our guests and we are really grateful. We received so many compliments on your work and would definitely recommend you to anyone!

Thank you again!

Mandana & Kevin” -24 May 2016 Rome
Photographer: Yiannis Alefantou

My new favorite team, Noosheens Flower Team : )

Just want to say thank you for all the time that you spent helping me out with the wedding. Your hard work was much appreciated and I don't know what I would have done without you. Noosheen - I don't know what I would have done without you! The florals were breathtaking! From the headpieces to the boutonnières with the altar arrangements - it looked like a dream! Many people complimented the flowers and some said that they haven't seen anything like that before. I totally fell in love with my bouquet - the lace, the ribbon, the flowers, the green leaves, the smell - everything was spot on!! I saved it and looked stir every day after the wedding.
Thanks for being the best and the most reliable vendor, it was nothing but pleasure working with you!! I am grateful for your professionalism, care and the amazing sense of style.

Many hugs,

Anastasiya & Christopher – 1 December 2014, Grotta Ferrata, Frascati
Photographer - Erich McVey

Dear Noosheen,

We just wanted to send you and your team a very quick note to say thank you so, so much for the truly incredible work you did at our wedding. Both the flowers and the décor surpassed all of our expectations and you made La Badia look magical.

I don’t think it is any secret that our wedding planners let us down pretty badly, so we were doubly fortunate that we had you there to save the day- a very sincere thanks also for your support in that area.

Francesca & Andrew – 10 September 2016 – La Badia, Orvieto
Fotografo - Roberto Panciatici


Thank you soooo much for all your hard work at yesterdays and today’s shoot!! It has been such a pleasure working with you. You are incredibly talented and such a beautiful person!! Thank you for offering your services at no charge, it really helped me and I appreciated it so much!! You won’t be disappointed with the pictures. I hope we get to meet again.

All the best with everything,

Katie Nicolle – Bridal shoot, March 2016, Rome
Photographer - Katie Nicolle

"It is a privilege to have found my passion in life, and bringing your dream to life is my great joy."

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“Ieri e' stato tutto perfetto e ti ringraziamo con tutto il cuore...oltre a essere una grande professionista sei davvero una bella persona! grazie e buona giornata”

Angela & Carlo - 21 giugno 2015, Roma
Fotografo – Nabis

Carissima Noosheen,
Ti ringraziamo di cuore per lo splendido lavoro che hai fatto, rendere indimenticabile un giorno per noi così importante! Hai reso il nostro matrimonio indimenticabile grazie ad allestimenti floreali mozzafiato, un insieme di sensibilità, generosità, esperienza, ascolto ed... Arte. Grazie di cuore! Un Grand Merci! ”

Pauline e Nicola – 12 Juillet 2014, Roma

Dear Noosheen and team,
“Thank you for making our wedding magical! Thank you for creating a magical and fairytale wedding your beautiful flowers and arrangements. We hope all is well and that you put the sparkle on many weddings in the future.” Love,

Ilka & Fredrik - 15-16 August 2014 Tuscany
Photographer – Mangus Bogucki

Thank you for doing such a beautiful job at our wedding. We had so many compliments on the flowers, and we too were really pleased with how they turned out.
We know it was an exceptionally long day for you and are grateful to you for making the journey up to Il Borro.
Thank you too for adapting to the challenging weather.
You helped make a very special day even better! Love,

Laura & Chris – October 2009 – Il Borro – Tuscany

Hi Noosheen!
Just a little word to say hi and to thank you once again...seriously I am getting bombarded with messages from all over saying how people never saw such a gorgeous decoration and arrangements and that the bar now is "very high" . It was a great pleasure working with you for the preparation of my wedding. I was extremely pleased with your work and your attention to details. You are very dedicated to your work and it is clear that you are passionate about what you do!
I would recommend Noosheen anytime… She is great to work with and a real pleasure.

Odile Messique Kamel 21-22 May 2010, Roma

Dear Noosheen,
Now that everything is over, and we all of a sudden have so much extra time, time for being so grateful for the beautiful event of Saturday 17 July and time for all the sweet memories that we will keep for ever, I want to say once more how we enjoyed your beautiful flowers. They were a joy for the eyes, everybody agreed. And how you succeeded in keeping them so fresh in the hot weather, really amazing!
Noosheen, thank you so much for your great contribution to the success of the wedding of Kim and Marnix!

A big hug, Sonneke (mother of bride) - 17 July 2011 - Rome

Cara Noosheen
Grazie del supporto e professionalità che fornisci ogni giorno all'albergo.

Dott. Ugo Ossani - Aldrovandi Villa Borghese, Roma
Ottobre 2012

“Grazie Mille” for creating the most perfectly magical and picture perfect movie-set Wedding Day for us in the Eternal City. The flowers and candles were out of this world… you stepped into our imagination and took it five steps further… Thank you! Love,

Mr&Mrs. Christian-Wyatt - 20 September 2014
Photographer - Francesco De Tito

“Sensibilità, competenza, gusto e passione. Sono passati quasi dieci anni dal nostro matrimonio ma il ricordo di ciò che Noosheen ha saputo aggiungere a quel giorno non ci abbandonerà mai.”

Massimo Di Veroli - 11 Giugno 2006

Dear Noosheen
A little note to say a huge THANK-YOU for creating the most beautiful bouquets, boutonnieres, ceremony area and flowers for our wedding. It was all GORGEOUS! We’d love to stay in touch. With love,

Mr. & Mrs. Gita& Jonno – 4 September 2009 – Appia Antica

Thank you … thank you … thank you … I have no words to describe what I felt when I saw my dream unfolding in front of me.. Thank you for making my fairytale wedding dream come true. Thank you for reading through my thoughts and ideas! Thank you for your patience and understanding. Love,

Cynthia & Oliver – 25 September 2011 Roma

Cara Noosheen,

ti sei meritata il bel servizio del TG1 perchè la tua bravura ormai è nota. Complimenti!
Siamo onorati che le tue splendide creazioni floreali abbiano reso il giorno del nostro matrimonio ancora più magico.

Chiara e Mario - 31 Ottobre 2009 - Roma

Cara Noosheen,
l'aggettivo eccellente non riesce a descrivere al meglio l'incanto e la magia che sei riuscita a creare per il mio evento. Sei riuscita a stupire me e tutti i miei ospiti grazie all'eleganza e alla straordinarietà delle tue creazioni. Non finirò mai di ringraziarti.

Valentina, Settembre 2013 - Roma

Thank you for all your time, kindness, help and all your replies to my seemingly endless e-mails!! But most of all thank you for the absolutely gorgeous arrangements you created with the flowers. I absolutely loved my bouquet!! Everything was above and beyond what I had expected. You are my favourite floral designer EVER!!! Cheers

Cristina Azzaro 24 June 2008 - Roma

Ciao Noosheen
vai sul mio profilo e leggi la discussione sui tuoi bellissimi fiori! Ancora tutti ne parlano!!! Anche grazie a mio matrimonio è stato una favola ad occhi aperti!

Francesca Ferrante e Massimiliano Calabrò 24 giuno 2011

"It is a privilege to have found my passion in life, and bringing your dream to life is my great joy."

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