I speak the language of flowers.

Flowers surprise me every time with their beauty. Each and every one has its own personality. They are the stepping stones of the path along my Flower Journey ... from the Tea Fields and Orange Blossom along the Caspian Sea, the Tuberose scented streets of Tehran, the Peony filled Gardens and Wisteria covered homes in London, to the Jasmine perfumed breeze in Rome.

I began Noosheen Floral Event Design in 2005 in Rome with the Destination Wedding in mind. No coincidence that I fell in love with Italy with it's endless natural beauty. I couldn't ask for a more perfect backdrop.

My designs are distinguished not only for their elegance but above all for their originality. I specialise in creating dreamlike atmospheres - simplicity touched by sophistication. Enhancing the ambience of every event is my philosophy.

Like flowers, every client is unique and becomes family. It is a privilege to have found my passion in life, and bringing your dream to life is my great joy.


Noosheen (nu~shen) n. sweet, Farsi; something pleasing to the mind or feelings.

There is no standard format. There is no stereotypical style. Noosheen creations are unique and specifically designed for you as well as the location. Like a flower, each design, event and bouquet are original. With love for change, nature’s inconsistencies and individuality, Noosheen enters your imagination and conceives what you are feeling. Matching the colour of flowers to the event's colour palette is one of her particularly loved specialities.

Noosheen is a blend of natural, untamed beauty and elegance.

An event created by Noosheen is a reflection of your personality and style, as her attention to detail, superior customer service and timeless designs are devoted to you.

'Give them TLC and they love you for a whole life time.'

"I create beautiful personalised floral event design and make your dream come true."

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